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10 Reasons Why You Should Skip “Family Guy” Game

Back in E3, gamers had the chance to try out a demonstration for Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse, a game that sets its tone like that of the classic “Road to the Multiverse” episode from the acclaimed tv show by Seth McFarlane. I wasn’t there, but reading through some of the people’s reaction who were there, I made this “Top 10″ for you to see. All I want you to do is think, whether I have a point or not. Tell me your thoughts down below after reading the entire post.

Note: This game is still in its infancy(pre-alpha), so whatever I’m pointing out, its from the pre-alpha stage.

10. It’s Family Guy – Well, to be frank, it’s just not as interesting. Sure, the tv show is great, but that doesn’t translate well to gamers. Fans of the tv show will definitely buy this game, but that’s if they’re into playing games. I can count on one finger, the tv show inspired games that people really liked(Hint Yellow skinned and Colorado). This would actually work if it was released to the public as an online game. But that’s not the case.

9. Plot – The game is somehow lacking a progressive storytelling plot. You have Stewie and Brian go between multiple alternate universes to try and stop Bertram from doing evil stuff. That’s about it.

8. Gameplay – You’ll be running and gunning the entire time. Really? A third person shooter? You’d think that the developer is desperate enough to actually make Family Guy a third person shooter. I have to admit, it’ll feel right at home for something like Family Guy if it was just a level or two, but the entirety of the game you have to shoot your way through a level? Not acceptable. You don’t need to have the third person shooter aspect for this game to make it popular.

7. Graphics – Remember the Simpsons game a “generation” back? That’s how the game looks like. The graphics looks like it was forced, way too clunky and too much squiggly lines on the movement. Of course, it’s still in the pre-alpha stage. They have plenty of time to fix the mess, but if they stick with it, God help the sales.

6. What About The Rest Of The Cast? – So, We’ve got Stewie and Brian as playable characters. Where’s Peter, Lois, Chris, and Meg? It is safe to say, and pretty obvious, that Stewie’s family would appear as NPCs. Or even as unlockables. It would be awesome to see Quagmire or Joe shooting The Amish in one of the levels, which brings me to reason number five.

5. The Amish – Way to be controversial… Sort of. Since no Amish would have a gaming console in their house. Couldn’t they have picked a better theme for one level? At least be smart about it. In the game, Bertram gives them fast growing seeds, in return, he wants them to attack Stewie and Brian. Come on. I’m sure the Native Americans In Colonial America where Zombies have taken over the world would have been a hell of a lot better with that plot.

4. Developer/Publisher – The game is being developed by Heavy Iron Studios and published by Activision. Well, with that kind of developer, it makes you want to see how far this will stretch out. Games ranging from Ratatouille and The Incredibles games, Heavy Iron Studios may have single-handedly sank its own ship. We’ll see. As for Activision, you may know them for bringing you the Call of Duty series and the not-so-long-ago hit Transformers: War for Cybertron. Why would they even involve themselves with this.

3. Multiplayer – Alright, a four player co-op mode and a multiplayer mode for a third person shooter, sounds awesome. Wait, wait, we’re still on Family Guy. So, not a good idea on that one. With other games like Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto IV and V, and Red Dead Redemption, wouldn’t a Family Guy Multiplayer not make any sense. It would be okay if other modes would be available, not just putting 12 family guy characters and give them guns to shoot each other. Maybe something like mini games or whatever.

2. Weapons – This is a broad game, so a lot of weapons would be understandable. But this game would be more fun if they give us melee weapons such as battle axes, lightsabers, Thor’s hammer, toasters, wooden swords, baseball bats with nails, or even a lampshade. That’s what really pairs with this game. Sniper rifles, crossbows, and lasers are okay, don’t get me wrong, but do you really want to shoot an Amish guy from afar, or would you rather beat him with a bat up close and personal?

1. Time/Generation – Finally, Do you think it is in great taste that a game like this would quench the thirst of gamers who long for high quality gaming? In a world where you have the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and the likes, do you really want to play a Family Guy game on your latest console? When you can just download something of the same manner for just a couple of dollars. Games like Skyrim, Halo, Grand Theft Auto series, heck even Mario games are dominating the gaming industry. You wanna’ ruin the fun with this? I didn’t think so.


Plus, searching the internet, I found out that previous Family Guy games didn’t receive a thumbs up from the public. So, trust me, you don’t want this on your shelf.


The Walking Dead Showrunner GLEN MAZZARA Reveals Season Three & Four Details



Spoiler Warning: Glen Mazzara, showrunner for AMC’s The Walking Dead revealed some vital information in regards to the upcoming season of the show and mentioned that he sees the upcoming Prison arc lasting for both seasons three and four. Plus, he offers comments on pacing complaints, character evolutions/intros, the TV series catching up to the source material and more.

The Walking Dead tells the story of the months and years after a zombie apocalypse, following a group of survivors who travel in search of a safe and secure home. The series goes on to explore the challenges of life in a world overrun by walkers, where the interpersonal conflicts often present a greater danger than anything else and over time, the characters grow willing to do almost anything to survive.

As next season of The Walking Dead gears up for shooting its 16 episode order this May, fans should prepare themselves to visit the next safe haven that comic readers know all too well. During a recent round table interview, Glen Mazzara mentioned that the aforementioned Prison arc will last all of the third season until the end of season four.

prison TWD.jpg

“I think that a lot of people felt the farm was claustrophobic and we don’t want the prison to be that way,” said Mazzara. “The prison arc is really the heart of Robert Kirkman’s work with The Walking Dead.”

He went on to say that he plans to move closer to the source material in some aspects, but that there will of course be deviations along the way. Perhaps the largest deviation in season two was the surprise exit of Dale and therefore the lost opportunity to explore his storylines moving forward. In regards to Dale and Andrea’s love relationship, Mazzara said the writers didn’t feel the need to pursue it at all. “I don’t feel the Dale/Andrea storyline is a loss. It was never really on the table.”

One of the more intriguing comic book storylines involves Dale and group of cannibal hunters, and that will apparently live on through a different character in the TV series. “Anybody can be cannibalized, so we still have that story in the pocket.” As new characters like Michonne and the villainous Governor are introduced, I asked Mazzara if the zombies will ever take a backseat for an eventual human threat and conflict.

“Zombies will never take a backseat. We will introduce a significant human threat but the zombies are fully integrated into this world and are part of the landscape. There could be times with no zombie action but we feel we don’t need to have a 1000 zombies on the show either.”

TWD rick lori.jpg

Mazzara also confirmed that viewers can expect more ‘hero zombies’ in season three, much like the one that finished Dale off and proving Mazzara’s “quality over quantity” theory in regards to the undead. I also asked if he feels the show will catch up to the source material now that the ratings have shown continued and growing success. “Maybe we will catch up eventually; I know that Robert has no plans to end the comic.”

One of the common complaints Mazzara and the Walking Dead team have faced is purported pacing issues, which many felt caused the show to run slower in the first half before picking up later on in the season. When asked if any viewer input had an impact on this pacing change Mazzara replied, “No. My inclination was always to ramp it up after the Sophia arc and we were already so well into production that would have been impossible anyway.” Another question was asked if Mazzara’s comment of the final three episodes being a benchmark for the pacing of season three was a stab at Frank Darabont’s earlier work in which he vacated the series as showrunner after the Sophia arc. “Not at all. Frank actually wondered earlier on if we had pacing issues at the beginning himself.”

In regards to the characters, Mazzara revealed that Lori’s reaction of anger upon hearing news of Rick murdering Shane was one of shock and disgust in herself. This scene puzzled some fans when Lori implied for Rick to “deal with” Shane earlier in the season. “Lori did not ask Rick to kill Shane. She’s a confused control freak. She’s horrified at Rick and herself for her own role in this and is dealing with self hatred. She is appropriately f***ed up.”

michonne tv.jpg

Another character that viewers wanted to see more from was T-Dog, who many felt was underutilized. Mazzara said he was surprised by this reaction and compared T-Dog to another character by the name of Ronnie from Mazzara’s writing days on The Shield. He did however admit that they might have went a bit far in ignoring him to some degree saying, “He has been off to the side and forgotten so we’re going to correct this now that he’s survived the finale and develop him from being a background character in significant ways.”

As for new characters, he went on to confirm the sword-wielding Michonne (Danai Gurira) will have a vital role and said that, although her surprise entrance in season two was very “theatrical”, he does want to ground that character and make her real and gritty. The Governor, played by David Morrissey, is a good friend of Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick) in real life. Mazzara mentioned that although he was not familiar with Morrissey’s work, Lincoln’s praise along with Morrissey’s audition were perfect. The actor understood that the Governor’s essence is that of a true villain.

Other interesting notes include

  • Mazzara confirmed fan favorite Merle (Michael Rooker) is “on the horizon” for season three.
  • Greg Nicotero will shoot webisodes based on different characters sometime next month.
  • Horror novelist Stephen King will not direct an episode of the series as he was Darabont’s connection.
  • The bar shoot-out in the episode ‘Triggerfinger’ was inspired by a similar scene from HBO’s The Wire.
  • A writer from HBO’s The Sopranos has been added to the TWD team.
  • Security has been ramped up significantly to prevent leaks, which were a huge plague for season two.
  • Scripts for season three are being written simultaneously in a style that Frank Darabont introduced that he learned while working with George Lucas. Mazzara will write the third season premiere.
  • Despite the prison arc showcasing some of the darkest aspects of the series, Mazzara confirmed that there’s“no place they won’t go” in those terms although they may utilize off-screen effects in some situations.
  • Mazzara’s friend Kurt Sutter (creator of Sons of Anarchy) will likely have a zombie cameo next season while Mazzara plays a dead biker on SOA to seal the deal. “I love Kurt, so I might take him up on that offer.”