San Diego Comic Con 2012 – Video Games

It’s that time again nerds! This is how our year starts off. With San Diego Comic Con! (Classical Music Plays) With news on upcoming movies, comic book events, television, more stuff for your toy chest, games, and other merchandise you can stuff a chimichanga with. That’s what the annual Comic Convention is all about. Nerds galore, or more appropriately, Nerdvana.  Last week, over 200,000 people attended the widely celebrated event starting from July 11 (Preview Night) and going through July 12th to the 15th.  I was supposed to go,  already bought over $200 worth of badges for me and my brother, but alas, I must tend to my family.  Which sucked ass!  But that didn’t stop me from finding ways to feel like I was there.  Join me as we go through the highlights of this year’s Con.

Since 1970,  SDCC has been entertaining both geeks and the rest of the world.  Although, the latter only started going to Comic Con very recently because of tv shows and movie panels are being held during the convention . The very reason which this convention was conceived, comic books, are in the outskirts of the con.  You need to dig through all the movie panel aficionados and all the other bullshit just to get to a booth that’s actually selling comic books.  Anyway, let’s talk about the things that happened this year.

First up, Preview Night.  This is the night where you see the booths and panel stages are nearing its end for set-up.  Hasbro booths are putting up their exclusive figures for sale (Which I believe goes out to the public the next day).  Hyundai for some reason is in SDCC (We’ll get to that later).  Both Marvel and DC’s top creators readying themselves for hours of panel discussions.  It’s not a whole lot, but think of it as members from a band setting their equipment up.  Not many people inside.

The second day, officially the first of four days, Comic Con has grown from a 300 or so people the day before into a 200,000 guest pop cultural phenomenon overnight.  Grown men and women in their respective costumes sharing the con floor with teenagers and little kids.  It’s so magical! Fictional characters you’ve only seen in movies, television, video games, and comic books are all coming to life.  If you were there, you’re lucky buddy.


Before I go onto the games, let me show you something that really blew me off my seat (because I wasn’t in Comic Con remember).  If you were reading some of my posts about The Walking Dead, you’d know I am really into it. Both the comic book series, which is already on its 100th issue, and the television series of the same name. So when The Walking Dead panel in Comic Con 2012 showed the audience a 4-minute trailer for the 3rd season of the tv show, that made the entire hall quiet and afterwards applauded like it was the Oscars.

Still not convinced? Here’s that 4-minute trailer:

You know what, let’s skip all these day-to-day post event coverage and just go straight to the good stuff.  What might that be?  Well,  gaming news my dear nerd,  gaming news. As I told you before, Comic Con is now a hub for pop culture. That includes video games.  Developers and studios showcase their products to the general public, that’s us, and gives us a heads up on the upcoming games.  And it can be anything from still photos, gameplay videos, exclusive previews, firsthand gameplay, and panels.

From upcoming games like Transformers: Fall of Cybertron to the highly anticipated prequel to the God of war series, God of War: Ascension which chronicles Kratos’ early days as a warrior. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a game announced a couple of weeks before Comic Con. It’s from NetherRealm Studios.  Basically like Moratl Kombat/Tekken, but with the DC Universe. When the trailer was released, both gamers and comic book geeks screamed like seeing the actual super heroes featured in this game.  Slated for 2013, you’re sure to enjoy this little action-packed game.

As I said a while ago, Transformers has been getting a lot of attention, despite Michael Bay’s movies. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the sequel to the smash-hit 2010 Transformers: War For Cybertron.  From High Moon Studios and Activision, marketing has been a success.  With gameplay videos getting hits on youtube, bit by bit they release concept art and unlockable characters.  Like when they announced Metroplex was going to appear in the game.  When they released the Metroplex trailer, boy was I rooting like a moron in front of the screen. It was amazing!  Now, I’m going to show you guys a video that was taken at Comic Con by GamerLive. They are interviewing Dave Cravens, the Senior Creative Director for the game, and he’s talking about development and details on multiplayer and both the Dinobots and the Insecticons.

Resident Evil 6 is the new installment to the famous franchise that started its own genre, Survival Horror.  What predicament have our heroes gotten themselves into now?  Story goes like this, the president decides to reveal what happened to Racoon City in 1998.  In that place, a bioterrorist attack occurs and the president is infected, making Leon Kennedy decide wether to kill him or not. Meanwhile, Jake Muller, the son of Albert Wesker, tries to escape Eastern Europe having partnered himself with a survivor from the Racoon City incident.  At the same time, Chris Redfield and his partner travel to China to prevent another bioterrorist attack. As you can see, you’ll be able to play as different characters in different places at around the same time.

I always had fun playing with Legos for some reason.  I know they’re for kids but you can’t deny that grown men are buying complete sets for themselves.  Then they started popping up in video games, with franchises like Batman, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars. That was a lot of fun.  Anyway, a new Lego The Lord of the Rings game from Traveller’s Tales was announced and is slated for an Fall release.   Specifically October.  Unfortunately, I can only show you the trailer that was released a month ago, even though there’s already a gameplay video.  Plus a rad still photo from actual gameplay cinematic.

Lastly, I have nothing to elaborate on for this next game. It’s just so… wicked.  It’s the new Deadpool game trailer AND a new The Last of Us game trailer. Courtesy of IGN.

That’s it for now guys, really tired.  You can go and check live coverages of Comic Con on youtube, which I’m sure you know.  Check out websites like MTV Geek, and ComicBookResources for other info on Game announcements.  Oh, not to mention the other video game sites that are all over the net.  Make sure to visit ours first though.  We’d really appreciate it if you check every nook and cranny for other news and details our website has to offer for you.  If you’ve got something to say, go on right ahead.  We love your feedback, just comment down below.

Remember what I said about Hyundai being at the Con?  Well, they unveiled this bad boy. (Supposed to be good when a zombie apocalypse hits us, not that they are actually selling it though).


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