10 Reasons Why You Should Skip “Family Guy” Game

Back in E3, gamers had the chance to try out a demonstration for Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse, a game that sets its tone like that of the classic “Road to the Multiverse” episode from the acclaimed tv show by Seth McFarlane. I wasn’t there, but reading through some of the people’s reaction who were there, I made this “Top 10″ for you to see. All I want you to do is think, whether I have a point or not. Tell me your thoughts down below after reading the entire post.

Note: This game is still in its infancy(pre-alpha), so whatever I’m pointing out, its from the pre-alpha stage.

10. It’s Family Guy – Well, to be frank, it’s just not as interesting. Sure, the tv show is great, but that doesn’t translate well to gamers. Fans of the tv show will definitely buy this game, but that’s if they’re into playing games. I can count on one finger, the tv show inspired games that people really liked(Hint Yellow skinned and Colorado). This would actually work if it was released to the public as an online game. But that’s not the case.

9. Plot – The game is somehow lacking a progressive storytelling plot. You have Stewie and Brian go between multiple alternate universes to try and stop Bertram from doing evil stuff. That’s about it.

8. Gameplay – You’ll be running and gunning the entire time. Really? A third person shooter? You’d think that the developer is desperate enough to actually make Family Guy a third person shooter. I have to admit, it’ll feel right at home for something like Family Guy if it was just a level or two, but the entirety of the game you have to shoot your way through a level? Not acceptable. You don’t need to have the third person shooter aspect for this game to make it popular.

7. Graphics – Remember the Simpsons game a “generation” back? That’s how the game looks like. The graphics looks like it was forced, way too clunky and too much squiggly lines on the movement. Of course, it’s still in the pre-alpha stage. They have plenty of time to fix the mess, but if they stick with it, God help the sales.

6. What About The Rest Of The Cast? – So, We’ve got Stewie and Brian as playable characters. Where’s Peter, Lois, Chris, and Meg? It is safe to say, and pretty obvious, that Stewie’s family would appear as NPCs. Or even as unlockables. It would be awesome to see Quagmire or Joe shooting The Amish in one of the levels, which brings me to reason number five.

5. The Amish – Way to be controversial… Sort of. Since no Amish would have a gaming console in their house. Couldn’t they have picked a better theme for one level? At least be smart about it. In the game, Bertram gives them fast growing seeds, in return, he wants them to attack Stewie and Brian. Come on. I’m sure the Native Americans In Colonial America where Zombies have taken over the world would have been a hell of a lot better with that plot.

4. Developer/Publisher – The game is being developed by Heavy Iron Studios and published by Activision. Well, with that kind of developer, it makes you want to see how far this will stretch out. Games ranging from Ratatouille and The Incredibles games, Heavy Iron Studios may have single-handedly sank its own ship. We’ll see. As for Activision, you may know them for bringing you the Call of Duty series and the not-so-long-ago hit Transformers: War for Cybertron. Why would they even involve themselves with this.

3. Multiplayer – Alright, a four player co-op mode and a multiplayer mode for a third person shooter, sounds awesome. Wait, wait, we’re still on Family Guy. So, not a good idea on that one. With other games like Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto IV and V, and Red Dead Redemption, wouldn’t a Family Guy Multiplayer not make any sense. It would be okay if other modes would be available, not just putting 12 family guy characters and give them guns to shoot each other. Maybe something like mini games or whatever.

2. Weapons – This is a broad game, so a lot of weapons would be understandable. But this game would be more fun if they give us melee weapons such as battle axes, lightsabers, Thor’s hammer, toasters, wooden swords, baseball bats with nails, or even a lampshade. That’s what really pairs with this game. Sniper rifles, crossbows, and lasers are okay, don’t get me wrong, but do you really want to shoot an Amish guy from afar, or would you rather beat him with a bat up close and personal?

1. Time/Generation – Finally, Do you think it is in great taste that a game like this would quench the thirst of gamers who long for high quality gaming? In a world where you have the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and the likes, do you really want to play a Family Guy game on your latest console? When you can just download something of the same manner for just a couple of dollars. Games like Skyrim, Halo, Grand Theft Auto series, heck even Mario games are dominating the gaming industry. You wanna’ ruin the fun with this? I didn’t think so.


Plus, searching the internet, I found out that previous Family Guy games didn’t receive a thumbs up from the public. So, trust me, you don’t want this on your shelf.


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