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Spider-Men Teaser Image

In February, Marvel Comics released an intriguing image combining the emblems of “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man” star Miles Morales and “Amazing Spider-Man’s” Peter Parker. Today, the publisher has raised even more questions about the possibility of a universal crossover with the release of a new teaser image and solicitation information for “Spider-Men” #1 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Sarah Pichelli and Justin Ponsor due out in June.

While many speculated the original “Spider-Men” teaser would herald the resurrection of Ultimate Peter Parker, the information contained with this new image seems to suggest otherwise, implying a crossover with the mainstream Marvel U. According to the sparse solicitation, “history will be made for the Marvel Universe” with no mention of the Ultimate Universe. A crossover between the Marvel and Ultimate universes is unprecedented since the Ultimate line launched in 2000 with “Ultimate Spider-Man.” Considering the popularity of Miles Morales and the upcoming “Amazing Spider-Man” film, it’s understandable the publisher would put a story into the works causing Peter Parker and Miles to meet, drawing in new readers fresh from the movie.