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Twilight: A Sex Abuse Scandal

A lot of marketing is going on for the last chapter of Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part Two. Entertainment Weekly released its magazine with a cover showing Bella Swan-Cullen, Edward Cullen, and behind Bella’s arms, their lovechild,  Renesmee Cullen.

We get a glimpse of Renesmee Cullen’s face and the actress in that role. The child, Mackenzie Foy. In the book, Stephenie Meyer’s portrays Jacob and Renesmee as two lovers, with Renesmee aging in an accelerated rate. But she hasn’t grown up yet, even when her appearance has. With that in mind, pictures of both Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy together may seem a bit weird with the topic of “child molestation” in mind Of course, I’m a douche for thinking like that, but is it really that far off? Like this picture right here(Courtesy of EW):

Most would say that young people fall in love all the time, and they’re right, but grown men falling in love with little girls?  That does happen in real life, after of which they go to prison. Yeah, not cool. Plus, is it really in good taste that such portrayal would be seen when all cases of child molestation are appearing in the news. Like that of a 32-year-old junior high teacher seducing her 14-year-old student, or that case in an elementary school in Los Angeles. This is certainly not what I imagined Stephanie Meyer wanted… Not that I read any of the books.

What do you think? Is this movie something you’ll watch after reading this?