WonderCon 2012 Exclusives: Archaia Posters

Today, Archaia Entertainment reveals a series of 16 new posters to be presented as free giveaways at WonderCon2012 featuring the covers of its lineup for the coming year. While many feature previously-announced projects such as Nate Cosby’s “Cow Boy” and David Petersen’s “Mouse Guard: The Black Axe,” there are four unsolicited and previously unannounced projects in the poster series. “Space 1999” by a creative team including “The Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes” writer Andrew E.C. Gaska, “Gang of Fools” by James Smith, “Iron or The War After” by S.M. Vidaurri and “Pantalones, TX” by Yehudi Mercado.

While the posters are undoubtably a cool giveaway, the publisher’s biggest freebie is yet to come with Archaia’s unprecedented Free Comic Book Day 48-page hardcover coming May 5 containing stories from “Mouse Guard,” “Dapper Men,” “Cursed Pirate Girl,” “Rust,” “Cow Boy,” “Labyrinth” and more.

Check out the complete poster gallery below and stop by Archaia’s booth to nab one at WonderCon 2012.


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