The Walking Dead Teaser Images For “Something To Fear” Story Arc

During the Image Comic Expo’s Walking Dead panel, creator Robert Kirkman stated that one of the preview images in the series’ upcoming ‘Something to Fear’ story arc may indeed be the introduction of the TV series’ fan favorite character played by Norman Reedus.


Actor Norman Reedus has been begging writer Robert Kirkman to work him into the comic series. The actor plays fan favorite Daryl Dixon on the TV adapted series, which airs on AMC. The character was introduced as a fresh face for the show, having never been in the comic, but that may all change in the upcoming ‘Something to Fear’ arc.

“I’ve definitely considered writing Daryl in to the comics. Norman is always pestering me about it. All I can say right now is that if you have been paying attention to the Internet we did just release a series of teasers called ‘Something to Fear’ for a new story arc that’s coming up and it’s a series of very threatening looking people with very specific weapons and one of them has a crossbow,” said Kirkman.

Also of interesting note: One of the teaser images may or may not be Daryl’s brother Merle Dixon (played on the show by Michael Rooker). The image in question [shown in the below gallery] is a sleeveless individual clutching an axe. If Daryl is introduced into the comics, one would have to think his brother Merle may make his way there as well.

Teaser Image #6 shows a showy person with a crossbow. Daryl Dixon perhaps?




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