Chronicle Movie Review

Chronicle is directed by Josh Trank and stars Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, and Michael B. Jordan. Chronicle was brewing somewhere hidden. Facebook and its own website are the only place in the internet where you can see a preview to this very original movie. The site shows us a sneak peek in the form of the movie trailer. The trailer introduces us to three friends who somehow acquired telekinetic powers from a crater they intended to go to just for the fun of it. They start using their new found powers by showing off what they could do. One of them, Andrew, accidentally puts a driver in the hospital while they are driving back home. The ball starts rolling downhill literally for Andrew. He becomes dark and vengeful and slowly realizes the possibilities when he can do anything he wants with his powers, while the two try and stop him.

At the beginning of the film, Andrew has bought a new camera. The same camera used throughout until the middle of the film. His father grudgingly forces Andrew to open the locked door. Andrew not only doesn’t open the door, but he also insults him by insisting that his father is drunk. Right there and then, the audience can pick up that andrew is a loner and has a very stressful home environment where his father easily beats him around. On the way to school, we are introduced to Matt, Andrew’s cousin, who drives Andrew to school everyday. Once at school, bullies  treat him like as if he should not exist at all. This goes on for about another 2 to 3 minutes. When Andrew and Matt drive back home, Matt invites Andrew to a party. At first Andrew doesn’t want to go, but with a little convincing, he agrees to go. Here, he is again bullied and is forced to leave the party still carrying his camera. He sits by a tree, crying, and obviously in pain. He meets Steve, a popular student running for school president. Steve wants Andrew to bring his camera and come with him to film everything they are about to do. He tells him of a crater they found, presumably the same crater which gives them their powers. Andrew and Steve meet up with Matt at the site. They all climb down and discover something out of this world. A structure that looks like a ship or what looks like a part of a ship, but the specifics aren’t further explored in the movie. Steve touches it and begins bleeding through his nose. Then the structure starts glowing and violently releases some sort of telekinetic force and the whole scene cuts to black.

For the most part, they seem to have escaped the crater. The scene, from the pitch black darkness, it shifts to days after the incident and they are practicing what they can do with their powers.

From here on, the film focuses on the expansion of their abilities. From trying to build buildings with lego pieces, with Andrew being the most powerful of all three and Matt having trouble with his pieces. Later, Steve calls them both to show something. Steve has learned the ability to fly, Andrew has no trouble at all when trying to fly. Matt, on the other hand, fails and falls down to his face. That scene was very funny and explores the three’s friendship with each other. It then cuts to a scene where it shows that the camera is in the sky, the three friends are wearing heavy and thick jackets and are flying all over the place.

After the thrilling experience, Andrew, Matt, and Steve sleep over at Steve’s place. Matt confesses that “this is the best day of my life.” I was a little confused and thought that Andrew said those words since his life, before having his powers, sucked. Within the movie, scenes of Matt and Cassey, a girl from their school, are having a conversation about how Matt has changed and he came over to give a donation to a struggling country. My first thoughts were those scenes are just “flavor scenes,” in which it isn’t part of the main story but only for the purpose of giving the movie more shifting space.

Andrew is made famous in his school because of Steve convincing him to join the talent show. He uses his powers to perform “magic” tricks in front of the school. They attend a party, here Andrew meets a girl and engage in a little intimate foreplay, but all goes wrong when Andrew vomits on the girl. Back at school, the girl tells everyone and Andrew is again picked on by bullies. He snaps and used his powers on the bully by pulling three of his tooth. His home environment doesn’t change at all and his father punches him, Andrew gets angry and shoves his father away.

Andrew flies up into the sky and spends his time alone up there until Steve comes along to ask how Andrew is doing. Andrew gets mad and accidentally kills Steve by being struck by a lightning bolt. I really felt sad beacause of all the three, Steve seemed to be the kindest. Remember that scene where he talks to Andrew before they go down the crater.

Anyway, Matt begins to question whether Andrew is stable at all with his powers. Andrew flies away. He sees his mother in pain and tries to get some medications for her only to have him feel bad because of financial problems. He gets his father’s firefighter uniform, wears it, and goes out to take the money from the local thugs that hangs out near his place. He beats them all and steals their money, but it wasn’t enough. He robs a gas station, the guy behind the counter grabs a shotgun, points it at Andrew. Andrew uses his power to push the shotgun away but it shoots in the direction of a petrol tank and explodes, Andrew is caught in the blast and is sent to the hospital.

His father visits him and he doesn’t feel bad. Andrew gets mad and tries to kill him by dropping him outside. Matt comes to save him. The two battle it out in the city of Seattle. At the end Matt decides to kill his cousin and friend. That part there was very predictable. The ending shows Matt, holding a camera, flies to Tibet. Tibet is where Andrew wanted to go because of how peaceful the place is. He leaves the camera to capture the tranquility.

The ending, at first, was slow. But when you think about it, Matt was the logical choice to be the survivor. He, from being a complete jerk, went on to become a kind-hearted man. Steve’s death was a shocker since everyone has developed a love for him. Andrew is comparable to Anakin Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker later becomes the tyrannical Darth Vader. The difference between Andrew and Anakin is that Anakin had a chance to resist the dark side and avoid being darth Vader. From the beginning, Andrew’s life was messed up and his hate has been building up since he was a kid.

The movie is a new twist to the superhero genre. It is very hard to compare it to other superhero movies because most of them are based on comic books or other materials. Chronicle was never based on anything which is why the movie is so original. I would recommend the movie to other people and give it a score of 8.5 to 9 out of 10.


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