Wednesday Comic Haul!

It’s another Wednesday everyone! How’re you spending yours? Me, I just hang out and enjoy myself to the wonders of the comic book store. I went to mine here in Milpitas, CA. It’s called Black Cat Comics.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my subscription from them, but not before buying this week’s releases. The reason for this is because I am moving to Riverside. I looked it up and did my homework, I found a comic shop around the place where I’ll be living. The owners, Mark Causey and Francie Soito, told me that if I don’t like the store in Riverside, they’d be happy to send my comics from Milpitas to my place.

That was cool of them. Anyway, here’s my haul:



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My name's Austin Estebar. I live in Riverside, CA, USA. I'm Filipino, born in Saudi Arabia. If you must know, I live a good life. I don't live THE good life, but A good life. This blog will center on me, comic books, food, and the world. View all posts by Mister Austintatious

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