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Hello wordpress people. Today, I would like to share to you the dishes and meals I take everyday. If you don’t know, My father is the General Manager for Jeddah Marriott Hotels and Resorts in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Every so often, we indulge and partake in the dining experience that Marriott has to offer. Either Brunch or Dinner, even themed nights like Wednesday BBQ nights or Tuesday Seafood nights.

Let’s start with brunch. Brunch is basically for lazy people. People that wake up late like maybe 10 or 11am. Now that’s too late for breakfast, but too early for lunch. So, they came up with Brunch – Breakfast and Lunch. I’m actually one of those lazy people. I wake up 10 in the morning and clean myself up. Get dressed, usually semi-formal. I’m the son of the General Manager after all. Everyone else gets dressed up. My Dad, My Mom, and my little brother.

Anyway, Once we get there, We’ve got a nice table already set for us by all the bus boys there. I’ve known them for a long time now. I’ve going to this hotel ever since I was a kid. They ask us what kind of drinks we want to have, all of us have a glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice.

Next we order an omelette, since it’s not part of the buffet.

I put ketchup on mine, it’s so good with Huntz Tomato Ketchup.

Onto the buffet. It’s brunch, normally you’d go for the breakfast side of the buffet. I put a couple of egg benedicts, some sausages and bacon strips, and a couple of hashbrowns on the side and I’m good to go.

Even add a bit of sushi, shrimp and crab stick tempuras. Before we even sit down at our table, when the chefs see us coming they prepare to cook the tempuras.

I usually like a plateful of Pancakes before moving on to Lunch.

So, lunch. What do I get for lunch? We’ve got all kinds of beef and chicken dishes.

There’s Beef Stroganof

Chicken Cordon Bleu


They also serve Lamb dishes like Lamb Shish Kebab

and Classic Spicy Lamb Biryani

That’s enough for the meat section of the buffet. I’m a bit full now, I don’t want my entire Brunch with just beef and chicken. After all these, I go for some seafood.

I love the Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce

and the Stir Fried Shrimps and Vegetables

and My Mom’s favorite, Grilled Lobsters with Tartar Sauce

After a while, we start feeling full and think to ourselves we’ve had enough. We start to look around and figure, there’s so much more. All that “We’re full” talk starts to go away, and next we’re seeing ourselves grab another plate.

Time to eat some of the big guns.

There’s Turkey and Roast Beef. Yes, we eat both of them at the same time.

and here’s the Turkey

Now, this wouldn’t be a Brunch without eating dessert right?

My brother loves Banana Split, since that’s not part of the buffet, we have to order it.

For me, I’ll just have crepes with Ice Cream on top

and maybe one or two slices of Marriott Hotel’s signature Black Forest Cake

There you guys have it. Our entire Brunch shared to you wonderful people. I hope you enjoyed my post on my meals. If you like what you see and want to check out more, follow my blog. I’ve got great posts on food,  and not only that, I’ve got posts on Video Games, Movies, and Comic Books. Check it out.


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