Merry Christmas!

Hey wordpress peeps! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope all of you are enjoying the holidays!

Here’s another text post about my Christmas here in California. It started when I woke up on the 24th. Now, “waking up” and I rarely mix. I woke up early in the morning AND have to hurry up and get dressed for an occasion? That’s just hard. But waking up to Christmas is another story. I was excited, we were going to my Brother-in-law’s family’s house for Christmas Eve Lunch. We live in Milpitas, it’s a long drive. Long enough for me to catch a nap, that is. Anyway, we got to their house, and arrived with everyone in front of the camera taking pictures. That was alright though. We were late, so we understand. A couple of hours later, after eating of course, it was gift giving time. First up were the parents, I really didn’t care what their gift was so I have no idea what they were. Probably cookware or something. Next up the kids. Me and my brother were the only teenagers their. My sisters 34 years old, she ain’t no kid. My brother and I got a $25 gift card from GameStop(Cha-ching!) each given to us by Julie, Roger, and Pablo. Holla!


We also got $25 each from Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales(Gary’s parents). So all in all, a very good start.


Next we passed by My uncle Tony’s since they too were living in Vallejo, CA. My uncle Tony just got home from work. While waiting, My Mom and Uncle talked about whatever during the entire time we were their. We gave him our gift. It was Alcohol. It’s pretty cool. My Auntie Lina and my cousin Omar was there too. Here’s our photo:

From left to right: My Brother Gus, Me, My Sister Sol, My Pops, My Mom, uncle Tony, Auntie Lina, and my cousin Omar

They were going to a different party. There was still the matter of Christmas Eve Dinner. We have plans to go to my Mom’s cousin’s place. This was in Dublin, CA. Anyway, there aren’t any pictures because we had so much fun we forgot to take any. I got about $100+ from my Aunts and Uncles there. Hahaha.


So the next day, which is today, we had breakfast at my Sister’s in San Jose, CA. We also had a gift giving event there. I got the $50 dollar giftcard from Target and this AWESOME Superman: The Collected Strips from the late ’30s to early ’40s.




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