I know, another post about comic books? But really, it’s fun. This particular post is about the smash-hit Manga, Naruto. The story is that a 12 years prior to the main story line, a fox demon so powerful was attacking a village hidden in the leaves. Mind you, I’m just remembering the story while I’m typing at the same time. If you were here with me, it’d be pretty funny.

Anyway, A great warrior defeated the demon fox and sealed it in an infant. A boy. 12 years later as the boy grows, he is shunned from society. Since people know that within this boy, was the demon fox that tried, but failed, to destroy the village they live in. That boy’s name is Naruto Uzumaki. Now the entire plot of Naruto revolves around Naruto and the entire village. That’s one hell of a cast huh? The main antagonist of the series is the terrorist group known as Akatsuki. One of the member’s of Akatsuki is Itachi Uchiha, which is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, on of Naruto’s friends.

A lot of stories take place before the real good stuff happen. Orochimaru, a great ninja with a lot of techniques, turned bad and tried plotting against his own village. A war was fought between Orochimaru’s followers, their allies from the village hidden in the Sands. The ninjas of the village hidden in the Leaves fought and some gave their lives to put a stop to Orochimaru’s madness. One of those, was the Village’s Leader, The Third Hokage. He and Orochimaru fought on top of a building. In his dying breath, knowing he cannot kill Orochimaru, he decided to cut of his soul’s hands. Preventing him from ever using any of his ninja techniques. The people of Konoha mourn their leader.

Sasuke Uchiha, appealed to the offer of Orochimaru in making him stronger, leaves his friends and his village in pursuit of Orochimaru’s guidance. This event fill’s Naruto’s body and mind with rage. He follows Sasuke to a place where there there are two statues right by a waterfall. This is where the history of Konoha started. Naruto and Sasuke engage in battle, these two trade blow after blow. Both are exhausted and are about to surrender. Before which Naruto tells his friend that he treats him like a brother, and even though he is going in this path, they will always be friends. Sasuke ignores him, he himself drops and sees his friend unconscious. He pauses for a moment, and then leaves. Naruto goes back to Konoha with his mission to bring back Sasuke failed.

After some time, wich within in this period of time, a new Hokage is chosen. Lady Tsunade. Lady Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru were the students of the Third Hokage. They are named the Three Legendary Sannin or Ninja Warriors. They were next in line of becoming Hokage after the Third. Nearing the end of the series of Naruto, Jiraiya decides to teach Naruto and train him when the time comes for him to battle Sasuke once again. The two leave the village in order for Naruto to be trained.

When these two come back, Naruto Shippuden begins.


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