What’s up WordPress? I just won an auction in is a website that lets you get the things you want for free. How does that work? I’m so glad you asked. Just register on, It’s free by the way, you auction in your unwanted stuff. People who like your stuff bid on them. They bid in the form of credits. How do you get credits, when you register for the first time they give you 500 credits for no charge at all. So, that means you can already bid for the things you want on, as long as no one outbids your 500 credits.

Wait, wait… That not all. If you want more credits, just be part of the community. Merge you facebook account with your Listia and get 50 more credits. Do the same thing for twitter and get another 50 for your account. What else? If you try to auction your unwanted things, let’s say an old video game console, i.e. atari, nintendo 64, playstation 1 and/or 2, take a picture of it, put in the description, and your on your way to more credits. Having the games is a plus. People with interest to your things will bid on them. The more bidders, the more credits you get.

Now, when you auction in your things, you get a choice of either shipping it yourselves(make sure to label that your product is free shipping) or the bidders have to pick it up from your place. If you’re the bidder, and you’re thinking you don’t have enough cash to shell out for shipping and handling, don’t bid on things that doesn’t say free shipping. If otherwise, go ahead and bid away. If you win the auction(and crushed the life out of the other bidders), make sure to put in you shipping address on your profile and send it to the auctioneer.

I just recently won. You want to know what I bid on? You guessed it. Comic Books. LOL.

Peace out WordPress.


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My name's Austin Estebar. I live in Riverside, CA, USA. I'm Filipino, born in Saudi Arabia. If you must know, I live a good life. I don't live THE good life, but A good life. This blog will center on me, comic books, food, and the world. View all posts by Mister Austintatious

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