Clothes I Wear

Hey, what’s up wordpress peeps. I’m here once again to talk about myself, so we all can be better acquainted.

Today, I’ll be talking about my style of clothing. I usually wear something semi-formal. Or “Almost” semi-formal, as I like to call them. What does that look like? Well, one of those outfit would look like this, Plaid shirt, leather jacket with hoodie, skinny jeans, and a pair of Nike lowtops. Other timed, I’d wear something Semi-Formal. Lacoste shirt under a V-neck sweater, the same skinny jeans, and a pair of leather shoes.

Well, that’s about it. Those are my style. Either I’m wearing the other for MY “Casual” wear, or I’ll be wearing the other for parties and special occasions.


About Mister Austintatious

My name's Austin Estebar. I live in Riverside, CA, USA. I'm Filipino, born in Saudi Arabia. If you must know, I live a good life. I don't live THE good life, but A good life. This blog will center on me, comic books, food, and the world. View all posts by Mister Austintatious

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