Can’t C Me by 2pac

The blind stares of a million pairs of eyes lookin’ hardBut won’t realize that they will never see the PYou must be goin’ blind
Give me my money in stacks and lace my bitches with 9 figuresReal niggas fingers on nickle plated 9 triggasMust see my enemies defeatedI’ll catch ’em while they coked up and weeded
Open fire, noww them niggas bleedin’See me in flesh and test and get your chest blownStraight out tha west, don’t get blownMy adversaries cry like ho’s, open and shut like doorsIs you a friend or foe? Nigga you ain’t know?
They got me stressed out on Death RowI’ve seen money but, baby, I gots to gets mo’You scream and go, 2Pac and I ain’t stoppin’ till I’m well paidBail’s, paid now nigga, look what hell made
Visions of cops and sirens, niggas open fireBuncha thug life niggas on tha rise until I dieAsk me why I’m a boss playa gettin’ highAnd when I’m rollin’ by, niggas can’t see me
The stares of a million pairs of eyesAnd you’ll never realize, you can’t see me
Been gettin’ worried that these square mothafuckers with nervesSayin’ they can get with us but picture me gettin’ servedMy own mama say I’m thugged out, my shit be bumpin’ outTha record store as if it was a drug house
My lyrics bang like a Crip or Blood, nigga what?It ain’t nothin’ but a party when we thug and there I wasA young nigga with heart ain’t had a shit to losePullin’ my pistol on them fools, you know the rules
D R E you got me heated my words like a penitentiary dickHittin’ bitches where it’s most needed money and weedAlazay and Hennesse, to my thug niggas in lock downWitness me bail on these ho’s in floss mode
Tha life of a Boss Playa, fuck what ya thought tho’My enemies deceased, die like a bitchWhen my album hit tha streetz, niggas can’t see meNiggas can’t see
Which way did he go, George?Which way did he go?Which way did he go?Which way did he go?
You niggas made a mistakeYou shoulda never put my rhymes with Dre[ From: ]Them thug niggas have arrived and it’s Judgement DayHey, homie if ya feel me, tell them tricks that shot me
That they missed they ain’t killed meI can make a mothafucker shakeRattle and roll, I’m full of liquorThug nigga quick to jab at them ho’s
And I can make ya jealous niggas famousFuck around with 2Pac and see how good a nigga’s aim isI’m just a rich mothafucker from tha wayIf this rappin’ bring me money then I’m rappin’ till I’m paid
I’m gettin’ green like I’m supposed toNigga, I holla at these ho’s and see how many I can go throughLook to the star and visualize my debutNiggas know me, playa I gotta stay true
Don’t be a dumb mothafucker‘Cause it’s crazy after darkWhere the true thug niggasSee ya heart? Niggas can’t see me
Yo, check this out, stay off his dickNiggas can’t see(Right before your eyes I’ll disappear from here)You niggas can’t see me(You can’t see me)
I know it’s hard nigga, I’m all up in your face but you still can’t see(You can’t see me)All up in your range, but niggas can’t see20/20 vision won’t visualize(I’m in tha flesh, baby but you can’t see me)All the glasses won’t help you realize
You blinded, you blinded, you can’t c me, you can’t c meThug life, baby, don’t believe everything you readAlazay and weed(You can’t see me, right before your very eyes, you won’t even visualize)
(You can’t see me)Dr. Dre all day, 2Pac, niggas can’t see meI dedicate this to you punk mothafuckersThis one’s for you big baby ‘coz you bitch assNiggas can’t see me, niggas can’t see me(You can’t see me)
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, you won’t see meFirst see me, now ya don’t, wanna see me, but ya won’tCome to see me, but ya can’t, ohh, you can’t see me, you can’t see meRight between your eyes, you’ll never realize
Right before your eyes, you won’t even realizeVisualize what you can’t see, you can’t, you can’t see me


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