The First One’s Always The Easiest.

"A sunny Afternoon in the campus."

I guess this is my first post. For some reason, I had to (I just had to) make sure it would be all about me for the very first post of an ever expanding blog world.

So that’s me by the way, My name’s Austin Estebar. I’m the one on the right. I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to wealthy entrepreneurs. We have a mansion just by the beach… Gotcha’! My parents aren’t entrepreneurs, I’m sorry. My Dad’s the General Manager for Jeddah Marriott Hotel and my Mom works for the Medical Department of Saudi Arabian Airlines as a Senior Head Nurse. So, It’s all good. I’m the second of three children. I have a sister, who just got married(maybe I’ll show you the pictures in futures posts), and a younger brother. I grew up in a well established environment. My friends were always the sons or daughters of my parent’s friends. I read comics since I was… Well, I learned how to read through comic books. So, some of the posts you’ll see in this blog will either be me reading, buying, or collecting comic books. My parents are great cooks. We have archives full of family recipes, tweaks and improvements on great dishes, and family dishes. That’s also another factor in this blog, Food.

The other guy right there is my friend, Niccollo Lumague.  We just finished our third period and decided to just chill and enjoy the sun. Under the shade. I know, where’s the sense in that. This was taken from iPhone. When I saw it, I thought it was photoshopped out of my iPhone. It looks good enough doesn’t it?

There you have it, my very first post in what otherwise will be a great blog.


About Mister Austintatious

My name's Austin Estebar. I live in Riverside, CA, USA. I'm Filipino, born in Saudi Arabia. If you must know, I live a good life. I don't live THE good life, but A good life. This blog will center on me, comic books, food, and the world. View all posts by Mister Austintatious

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